Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I apologize...


I realize I have not been writing as much lately. Please allow me to explain:

Last week I traveled to Kyoto with some of my CIEE friends: Jade, Milo, Randi, and Dominick. The trip was a lot of fun, and we were there from October 30 - November 4. My internet access was very shoddy at best (grrr..) and I was extremely tired upon my return home (more on that later). Then, only after a few days of being back in Tokyo, I traveled with my Japanese Management class to the Nagoya area. There we toured one of the many Toyota factories. As I just returned home to Tokyo a little while ago, I am once again very tired. Thus, while I promise to fill everyone in on the last couple of weeks, it simply must wait.

Thank you for your patience! Or, if you simply don't care, thank you for not cheering the fact that I've been absent from this page!




Rose said...

Don't worry about us.We just get pleasure reading about your adventures and experiences.Take your time to get yourself organized! We love you!
Love and hugs,

Rose said...

Hi Brian!
As we wait to hear about your time in Kyoto, I thought I would ask about your travels to the Nagoya area and your tour at the Toyota factory. I can imagine the factory to be grandiose with many efficient Toyota workers. Were you able to spend some time outside the factory touring Nagoya?
Mucho love,