Monday, September 18, 2006

May as well post while I can...

Sorry I havent updated my blog or emailed- things have been very busy with orientation and my internet access is not stable or often. My temp hosts are extremely kind, and have even arranged for me to go with Yuu (16 year old son) to Tokyo Disney in October. I will certainly stay in touch with them. On Wednesday, before my Japanese language placement test, I am moving to my new homestay. I am a little sad because this family is so kind. That family, however, sent me a photo in which they are spreading their arms and their 15 year old son is wearing an I LOVE NY shirt, so I think they will be nice also.

Today we broke into groups to participate in a scavenger hunt all over Tokyo. It took all day and was very fact, my group finished 30 minutes later than everyone else BUT we accomplished the most (the other groups came back early because they were unable to figure things out!) hopefully we win- we will find out sometime soon. When I say we traveled EVERYWHERE, I really mean it! We went from Shinjuku to Shibuya to the Imperial Palace to Akihabara to....phew, I was sweating like it was football practice. My group actually sprinted in at the end- it felt a little bit like the Great Race tv show.

I hope to establish more of a pattern once I move into my new family and start class. Class still does not start for 2 weeks! On Thursday, we are going on an overnight trip to Nikko where will stay in a traditional ryokan inn. Yesterday I went to a Japanese bath for the first time and had to get undressed in front of a lot of old Japanese first it was taihen (very uncomfortable) but eventually I was ok.

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Rose said...

Hi Brian!
I'm not surprised that the group you were with accomplished the most. Although the hunt took you all over Tokyo and was extremely exhausting, I'm sure you relished it!
How caring for your soon 2 b host family 2 send you an endearing photo! I'm sure you're torn with the realization of leaving your 1st one. I'm always smiling reading your blog and mail! Love and hugs,