Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Konnichiwa! Today I am saying goodbye to Lisa, who flies to Paris later on. She'll leave from Newark at 9:00 PM and arrive in France early tomorrow morning.

As for me, I'm just about ready for the trip. I'll leave tomorrow at around noon, and will arrive in Taipei, Taiwan the next day! Isn't that insane? I'll be staying at the Fortuna Hostel which promises air-conditioning, internet, and way above all, a locking door! I'll be in Taipei from September 8 until the 13th, when I'll fly to Narita Airport in Tokyo. There will be 2 days in a hotel (which I don't know) before moving in with my homestay (whom I don't know).

I'll be posting pictures during my travels. Soon enough I'll figure out which service I'll be using, and I'll post links in my entries, as well as a permanent sidebar link.


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