Monday, September 25, 2006


This can't be long because I'm tired but....

Tonight I ate intestines and cheek. A word for the wise- intestines are OKAY but a bit slimy and very VERY chewy. Cheek, on the other hand, is most delicious, and can be best enjoyed barbecued and covered in soy sauce!


Rose said...

You're better than I am! My choice of being a vegetarian has been further cemented! Although I do give you credit, barbeque or not, I think I'll pass.
Love and hugs,

Donna Francavilla said...

I suppose that nothing you attempt should shock me, but this still does! I thought I was being brave by eating food cooked on the street and German food. By the way, I had some tonight and it was surprisingly excellent. No cheeks for me. Keep the intestines. You didn't indicate where those body parts are from. Hmm Do I really want to know? Hmm. tell.
Lisa's mom

tiago cordeiro said...

brain, wotchoo doin der? hai2u, lisa's mom ;) ;) ;) ;)


Anonymous said...

when are you putting up the pics from that night? I can't wait to see them!!