Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Please be aware that I uploaded my Taipei photos to:

Sep 10, 2006 - 29 Photos

In the future, just click the link on the leftside of this website.

Thank you!


PS- I'll catch you up to speed on the rest of Taipei at a later point...but so you know, I'm in Tokyo now!


Rose said...

We just enjoyed viewing your Taipei photos.
In a way, I was expecting to see IT or your new found friend, lobster.
Was your chryanthemum tea as delicious as it looks?
Again, thank you for making this available to us. We know how busy you are and we do look forward to your entries!
Love and Hugs,

planesmith said...

Bri,'re a natural with a camera....great eye and great was a hobby years ago and as you know I got back into it last December, so I know a little about it, and your stuff is very very good.
while you're in Japan you should get a nice camera,,,a Nikon DSLR, not a point and shoot like you're using now....everybody needs a hobby and you'd be great at this one.

I'll be checking in often,

L, whitey