Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First Days of Class...

So yesterday we started school...I had 3 classes...and today we found out which classes we're actually in- figure that!

Anyway, I got the results and it's not that great...first of all, I'm not even allowed to take Chinese, which I was hoping would boost my Japanese kanji ability, not to mention it'd be good to know eventually anyway. Regardless, CIEE students are prohibited from taking any language other than Japanese. I understand the premise behind this, but can't help being a tiny bit disappointed. I'll live though, don't worry.



Rose said...

Hi Bri!
I understand your disappointment not getting the Chinese language class you so desperately wanted. It makes sense, though, to concentrate on the one language while you're there but I do applaud your ambitious desire to learn another language! Did you get the other classes you signed up for? How far is school from your homestay? How long are your hours?
Much love and hugs,

Rose said...

They like Indiana Jones? Now isn't that ironic!
Love and Hugs,

Lisa said...

nihau! youll learn Chinese somehoe dont worry!