Thursday, October 26, 2006

Interesting shots from around Tokyo...

This is for any Kellenberg graduates who happen to be viewing my blog. It shouldn't need any explanation. Let's just say I had a good laugh.

One of the biggest problems in Japan is people trying to electrocute their kittens by shoving their tiny tails through the closed doors of moving trains. Such a shame.

Look normal? Look again. The escalator goes down straight for a bit, then flattens out and becomes like one of those moving walkways at the airport. Then it declines again. The world did not combust.

A nationalist group's truck. They go around shouting loudly, preaching Japanese-only messages while playing loud march themes. The flag attached to the back of the truck is actually the World War II "rising sun" version, and the golden-tan-colored flower-shaped thing to the right of the big flag is the Crystanthenum of the Emperor.

While volunteering at the elementary school, the thing that amused me most was the group effort at lunch. A crew is chosen each day to serve as "chefs" who dress up and take their job most seriously. This is a good example of Japan's willingness to place rules of procedure, conduct, and appearance on every function. While the practice has its problems, it does a great job of giving everyone a sense of self-worth and importance (at least through this admittingly blind gaijin's eyes).


Chris said...

hahaha...that's funny, but man's search for meaning is a great book all the same

Rose said...

People trying to elecrtrocute their kittens? Now, that seems nasty!