Friday, October 20, 2006

Well, I suppose this is what being a Mets fan is all about...

Okay soo...I promise I'll do a Japan entry after posting this, but it has to be done. Oh you know, I'll tell ya what...I'll Japanonize this (yes, that's a

I feel partly responsible. Even from thousands of billions of miles away in the Land of the Rising Sun, I feel responsible. Perhaps its insanity. Perhaps some sick fantasy. Perhaps reality? (maybe my boasting throughout the season played the ingredients for a classic hix?) Whatever the case may be, the Mets lost. And there I was, in Japan, unable to even witness the latest postnote in the awfully depressing history of our beloveds. In fact, this morning was rather interesting. As the game started at exactly the same time as my Japanese Management class and I, being the cocky fan I've been all season, thought " need to skip class to watch- they'll undoubtedly win and I'll watch them in the World Series." How wrong, how sadly sadly wrong I was. The minute class ended, I sprinted to the library to check the score...only to add to the heart palpatations I had felt throughout the entirety of the last class- the score was tied at 1! What to do?

Ends up I didn't have much a choice, as a kanji quiz in Japanese class was on the agenda. So I attended, took the quiz, and really, literally. I couldn't sit still. My heart felt something like, well...whatever it is that the heart feels moments before colonary arrest! So I messaged Jade:

Me: Please...I beg of you...go to and tell me the score.
Jade: No, concentrate in class.
Me: You know, this is like leaving me in the desert with no water.
Jade: 1-1.
Me: (couldn't respond...actually had a heart attack. Failed the quiz.)

Just kidding, I did fine. But I did, once again, sprint to the library...only to find the score 3-1 in the bottom of the 9th...with the bases LOADED! And Carlos Beltran at the plate! I had a few spasms then and there. And then watched a great use of $25,000 (Beltran's salary for the swing he DIDN'T take) go down the drain.

I don't know yet how to feel or what to do about this. Methods I've considered so far are the following:

1. Counseling...maybe there's an accupuncture for this.
2. Withdrawal...until the US Team comes here to play Japan in late Novemeber, no baseball.
3. Keep a vow of silence until the Mets return to glory.
4. Continue my usual ways.

I'll probably end up combining the above 4. Like anyone cares. Or do you? Were you perhaps wondering, teeming with curiousity, how I would deal with this loss? If so, um...why? If not (I'm assuming most people land here), I apologize for wasting your time. But then I'll question why you've even read this far. And trust me, you don't want to even look at what's below.

So now, before striving for next season, here are the 2006 New York Mets statistics (I know no one cares, humor me):

SS Jose Reyes
C Paul LoDuca
CF Carlos Beltran
1B Carlos Delgado
3B David Wright
LF Cliff Floyd
2B Jose Valentine
RF Endy Chavez

Tom Glavine
Steve Traschel
John Maine
Orlando Hernandez
Oliver Perez

Final Record:


Chris said...

I don't see any batting averages or other statistics for the next 10 years, what's wrong?

Rose said...

HI Bri,
Well, put me down for #4.
That's my vote.
I love the fact that you have so much passion in something. Whatever it may be! Things usually happen for a reason. We're just trying to figure what the reason for their lose is.
I'm glad to see you're managing somehow to keep your humor.
Love and hugs

Andrew said...

HAHAHA at letting meaningless things impact your life so much